Who we are

We are the unified voice of university hospitals, bringing experts and organisations together to create a national forum. Through it our members share best practice and shape the future of healthcare in the UK.

University hospitals are specialty trusts with significant involvement in research and education. Their research puts them at the forefront of developments in care and connections with industry, while their work in education makes them central to providing the future workforce.

Offering the widest range of treatments, university hospitals deal with the most difficult problems a patient might have. With an ageing population and new innovations in treatments and practice, healthcare is becoming more complex. In this context the experience and capabilities of university hospitals become more important than ever.

The status of ‘university hospital’

The Department of Health and Social Care has made membership of the University Hospital Association part of the criteria for gaining the status of ‘university hospital trust’. The term ‘teaching hospital’ is also used, but for clarity and consistency UHA and the Department of Health use the term ‘university hospital’. To learn more about the status of university hospitals, see our guide.

“We are the largest unified voice of the UK’s university hospitals.”


We are the largest unified voice of the UK’s university hospitals, compromising of 46 specialist trusts


Our national groups allow the sharing of issues and solutions for key areas in the health service


Our latest documents, informed by our members, their research and first hand experiences, to inspire healthcare change

Recent News

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UKRD Virtual Summit 2020

15th October 2020

UKRD Virtual Summit 2020

The University Hospital Association is pleased to support the UKRD Virtual Summit, a two day summit for the R&D leadership…

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New University Hospital Association Chair ready to lead change

3rd August 2020

New University Hospital Association Chair ready to lead change

The University Hospital Association (UHA) has elected Robert Woolley, Chief Executive of University Hospitals Bristol and Weston NHS Foundation Trust…

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